06 September 2008

The Big D...and I DO Mean Dallas!

As the title states, we made a little day trip to Dallas. It's such a nice trip because it's only 2 hours away and my sister lives there. Our main reason for today's trip was to buy a refrigerator for our soon-to-be-new-house. Fun. We left bright and early, got the fridge and then headed off to my sisters. Of course we had to have a photo op with cousin baby Cake.

My father is one of the biggest Yankees fans thus the reason behind the apparel. :)
(Speaking of my father, say a little prayer for him tonight. He had surgery this morning to place a stint in an artery that was clogged. He is doing well but prayers are always good.)

We made it home just in time to unload the fridge (which is now sitting in our dining room) and change some completely saturated diapers. Then off to a friend's birthday party. The party was fun. The boys are finally at an age that we don't have to hover around them to make sure they don't cause any damage to other's things or themselves. Ahh the joys of children... Tyson got to hit the pinata (place the tilde over the 'n' please) and Tucker showed off his cake eating skills.

Sugar + Past bed time = Pinging kids

All in all a productive day. Now to think about packing...


Rebecca said...

Awww that pic of the cousins is too cute!! i will be in prayer for your Dad. My Mom had the same procedure done a few years ago. I hope he gets better soon! Happy packing!!