15 September 2008

It's Official

We are moving. I packed my first box, followed by nine others. This barely made a dent in the packing job but at least it's a start. Luckily we saved all the boxes from our last move (a trick that we quickly learned due to the frequency of our moves); unluckily they were all in the back of the closet in Tucker's room surrounded by all the things that haven't been used in over a year but were too important to put in the attic or the shed. Anywho, I decided to face my fear and jump in...
The boys thought this was the greatest fun ever. Mommy was making a mess and I didn't care what they were doing. (I did care but didn't have the strength to correct them.) They also found a way to keep taking the tape gun and getting the tape all out of whack. But at least the packing has started...

2 Days till Tyson's birthday (yay!)
7 Days till we close on our house (yes it HAS moved up)
15 Days till we have to be out of our current house