30 September 2008

What A Week!

As you know, we bought a house last week and moved. Here's a sample of what the week was like:

I hardly slept Sunday night because I was so anxious about closing. I mean we are buying a house. We are real adults now. Plus we have to move. Who likes moving? Not me! Anywho, the day went pretty well. Stuart had taken the whole week off so he was home to help watch the boys while I did more packing. At 3:45 we drove to the title company to meet with our realtor and sign our lives away. We finally go in and my first reaction was to the mound of paperwork. They aren't joking when they say it's a mile high. And we begin.....

An hour later we are the proud owners of a 1939 3 bedroom/2 bath with a finished attic house (we technically we don't own it yet. Prime West Mortgage technically owns it but in a mere 30 years we will!)

We leave and rush to pick up the kids who are no doubt terrorizing our friend's house. Stuart gathers up some friends and heads over to the new house to rip out the carpet (there is original hard wood underneath) and demo a few things. I take the boys home to start dinner. 10 minutes after we get home the power goes out all over base house. Great timing. No biggie, we'll just play outside for a little while. 2 hours later-still no power. So I load up the boys and head to the new house to see how things are going. The big boys are having too much fun together but progress is happening. Thinking the power might be back I head to the old house. No luck. It's now 9 pm and we have been powerless for 3 hours. Come on... I load the boys up one more time so that we can sit in air conditioning. FINALLY at 10:30 the power is reestablished. The boys finally get to sleep and I crash.

We all wake up ready for the day (not!). I know that it's going to be a long day of packing, loading and unloading. It was. Loooooong day. Stuart's dad got into town around 9 pm. After helping unload some more stuff they headed back to the old house. I completely packed the kitchen then off to bed we all went.

As soon as the boys woke up we headed to the new house so that we could be there for the DirecTv and Time Warner installers. The boys did a lot of running back and forth since all their toys were either packed or at the old house. Stuart and his dad showed up around 10 and the boys and I headed back to the old house to do more packing (what else?). Nap time was a little hairy since Stuart had take Tyson's bed apart but we managed. Loading, unloading...

At 8 I head over to the new house to attempt to put the boys to sleep in the same room, in a new house, with new noises and no daddy to help out. They actually went to sleep relatively easily. Phew.

Stuart and his dad make it back with their final load of the night around midnight. Everyone is tired, hungry and dirty. Of course we have no shower curtain because it's packed. And we have no towels because guess what, they are packed too. (All these things you would think I would have remembered to keep aside). So I rig up a shower curtain out of blankets and we decide to air dry/use clothes. Not the greatest but at least we'll be clean. Now the kicker-no one lit the pilot for the hot water heater. Seriously? And guess where the hot water heater is-yup, in the boys' room. So Stuart's dad crawls in and locates the pilot. More bad news, we have no long lighter to light it. Off the a gas station the men go. Everyone is finally clean and tucked in around 2 am when cries start. I guess Tyson had been woken up from all the entering and exiting of his room. His cries wake up Tucker and now both think it's time to get up and play. Wow, I'm really tired. Back and forth we went until the boys fell asleep around 4 am.

The boys awake at 6 am. How can this be possible???? Somehow we trudge thru the morning. Stuart's dad heads back and leaves us to chaos. I start unpacking the kitchen and Stu heads back to the old house to get yet another load. (By-the-way, not to pound on this subject, but moving with a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old really sucks. It's hard. The kids don't know what's going on. They want to get into/tear apart everything. All you want to do is sit down and cry and scream.)

Thus goes Thursday, unpacking by myself while Stuart loads and unloads. Fun.

Ahh Friday. We actually got some decent sleep in our own bed! Much of the same happens on Friday as did on Thursday. Except Stuart headed to Home Depot (our new home-away-from-home) and spent 5 hours there! Let's just say he owed me dinner for that. BUT he did get the old dishwasher out and got the new one in. Woo hoo. The highlight of the day was getting the kitchen put together (not decorated though) so that maybe one day I can cook again (not that I really want to cook, I'm just tired of eating out for every meal-plus it's expensive)

Is it really Saturday already? The best part of the day was getting mail. I love snail mail. Even though most of our mail is bills or junk, it's still fun to get. Oh and the best part is that the mail box is on our house so the mailman walks up and puts it in. Isn't that nifty? I didn't know the postal system still did that. Plus all I have to do is open my door, take one step out and presto! I have the mail.

More unpacking. We skipped church. Quite frankly we had no clothes to wear. Sorry.

I was dreading this day. Stuart had to go back to work. All by myself, all day. Since we lived on base before, Stuart would come home for lunch everyday. This was a very nice break for me and the boys. Now we live too far away for him to come home. Bummer. On a positive note, the boys have been doing really well with the rooming together thing. Night time has been wonderful. They go right to sleep just like before. Nap time is another story. I am in and out hurdling back to bed but I win. They will fall asleep-eventually.

Stuart just called and we cleared housing. Bye-bye Matador Street!

I'm tired. Really tired. The boys have energy. Lots of energy. Is it acceptable to just live out of boxes till they are empty?