12 September 2008


So we tried something new. We put the boys in the same room...
When we found out that we were having another boy, Stuart and I began planning their future together. Sharing toys, sharing clothes, sharing a room, etc. It was great to think that we could finally have a guest room. And all our toys would be gender specific. And Tyson could pass his clothes down to Tucker (though it might be the other way around in a couple of months). Toys and clothes we got covered. Now to the big dilemma-sharing a room!
When Tucker was born he slept in our room. Then he moved to his own room around 4 months old. It has been this way for till Wednesday night. We didn't want to put them together for fear of one waking the other up. They both wake up at different times in the morning and Tyson usually takes a longer nap in the afternoon. With our house buying adventure, we know that we want to put the boys in the same room. It would be better to start that now and not when we are in a new house with new rooms and new noises. So for whatever reason we chose Wednesday night to try this.
We started talking to Tyson earlier in the day and he wasn't exactly on board with sharing his room. Regardless it had to be done. 8 pm rolled around and "roomies" commenced. Tucker was so excited he could barely contain his desire to get up and bounce around the room (in fact he didn't contain this desire, he DID it for about 30 minutes). Finally the tired monster won the battle and both boys crashed. Alright. Not too bad for the first time. Stuart and I went to bed feeling quite pleased.
Thursday nap time-a completely different story. I hurry both boys into bed and before I can even close the door Tucker is up and screaming. "Lay down, it's nap time." Followed by tucking in. Repeat this for an hour and 15 minutes! I gave up. I had to separate the boys or else that evening would be you-know-what.
Thursday night-a breeze. Both boys went to sleep upon being put in bed. What was so different about nap time than bed time??
Friday nap time-repeat Thursday nap time but this time I gave up and separated them after 30 minutes. There's no need to drag it on.
Friday night-separated after an hour. I'm not sure that this whole roomies thing is going to work. At least they are asleep, all-be-it in separate rooms.

5 days till Tyson's 3rd birthday
13 days till we close on our house
18 days till we have to be completely out of our current house

Anxiety Poll:
130% anxious about the move. I really don't want to move. Again. For the 6th time.


Jennifer said...

Sounds awful. I will say extra prayers that this rooming together thing goes swimmingly. I can't imagine having two one day!

Amy said...

My Boys have no choice but to share a room. But they can't nap in the same room. I have to put one in our room or other part of the house. Just because they think it's play time if they are together!! =) It takes time. They will get used to it if you keep trying...=)Hang in there...