13 September 2008

No Peepee

So Tyson turns 3 on Wednesday and we have yet to have peepee or stinkos (that's what we call them) in the potty. Tyson has seen mommy and daddy go in the big boy potty but he has NO desire or interest in using it himself. I'm not sure if he really knows what the urge to go feels like. He DOES know when he is wet or otherwise, he just lets us know after-the-fact.

Any advice from you moms that have potty-trained kids?? I feel like we are never going to get out of diapers and these things are getting any cheaper!


Raena said...

I taught Camden what the urge/sensation to pee felt like by leaving him pantless (naked from the waist down) all day everyday for a week straight. After that, and with a little verbal coaching, he would usually tell me if he thought he needed too. Plus I sat him on the potty every hour or two just in case.

If only I could make him wake up during the night to pee!