26 July 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never


  • cry at the National Anthem
  • wake up grumpy
  • check to see if the toilet paper is loaded the correct way
  • plan my day even if my day doesn't involve anything
  • make lists
  • get Tyson out of the car first
  • put Tucker in the car first
  • remember my dreams
  • procrastinate on folding laundry
  • smell clean clothes
  • look people in the eyes when I talk to them
  • go to bed at a decent hour
  • go to the grocery store without a list (rarely)
  • throw my shoes in my closet so that I can reorganize them a week later
  • eat breakfast for all three meals
  • play the what-if game
  • wear my pajamas all day
  • take a sip of Stuart's beer to see if I like it (I don't)
  • wish we would have a little girl
  • thought I would have two boys
  • thought I would live in Las Vegas
  • thought that parenthood would be this challenging
  • thought I would be 28 without my degree
  • thought I would be the parent who bans things
  • thought I would still be grieving my MIL's death
  • eat condiments
  • go to sleep the minute my head hits the pillow
  • want to look back and regret


Amanda said...

This is really cool! I think I'll do it on my blog. We have quite a few things in common like crying at the national anthem and remembering our dreams. Oh and making sure the toilet paper is right! :) I also don't like beer despite several tastings, but I have learned to enjoy wine. :)