16 July 2009

Just a Thought

When leaving the house for any reason, do NOT allow the children to take their mooses (i.e. comfort item) out the door. If one allows the children to walk out the door with said items, then one assumes responsibility of those items. And if the children take those sacred items to the babysitter's house, one would also be responsible if the child LOST that item and is therefore still awake at 9 pm waiting for the babysitter to come back from far, far away with the FOUND item.

Yes, apparently being a father completely absolves you of all responsibility.


Amy said...

Daddy knows the deal with monkey. We've finally gotten Allison to leave her in the car during playdates. Jordan has a burp rag that she has to have. That's a pain too because now I have 2 kids and 2 items to keep track of! (Daddy understands the importance though. He even went back to my doctor's office at 9 pm one night we lost monkey!)

Misty said...

There's something about the Doss' (doss's?) and their moose! ;) Gracie can't live without Stanley and she's 11.