03 October 2010


Friday night was my last shift at work.
I cried and cried and cried.
I'm pretty sure that all the patients that something horrendous had happened.
Or that I was high.
I wasn't crying because we are moving.
Well, maybe a little for that.
I was crying because I am going to miss those incredibly awesome co-workers of mine.
They are some of the greatest people ever.
Minus all of the foul language.
But I'm in the same boat with that too sometimes.
They had a taco party for me.
 I was so, so, so, so honored.
And I cried some more.
Then they gave me this card and everyone signed it.
I REALLY cried when I read it.
And now I get to spend some quality time with this house.
I'll probably cry some more.
Because at this point, I really don't like this house.


Brittany said...

Bless your heart! You have a lot of BIG changes happening. Soon enough you'll be all settled in a new home and all these worries (even the remodeled bathroom) will be in the past.