14 October 2010

Half Way thru Thursday

We got new carpet installed yesterday and today.
The house smells like new car.
The bathroom is almost done.
The hallway needs primer and painting.
Tyson needs casing around his door.
The counter tops are being installed tomorrow.
The kitchen has to be cleared out for them.
The vanity in my bathroom has be re-installed.
Stuart's garage is looking a million times better.
He's going to work out there till 4 pm.
All our pictures have to be taken down.
Well, most of them.
The pantry and fridge need to be cleared out.
I have to clean the entire house.
Like on my hands and knees.
Like Cinderella.
I have to pack.
All our clothes.
I give up on the yard. 
The grass is mowed and edged.
I don't have a green thumb or desire to be.
Sorry future homeowners.
We're almost there people.
Tonight I might imbibe.


Jennifer W said...

So excited on your progress! And about you being closer!