07 October 2010

Post Hump Day

Or I could just say Thursday.
But as I was starting to type the title, I began with "Hump Day" and after looking at the screen for a minute I realized that it was actually Thursday and not Wednesday and then I got all confused because I somehow have lost a day.
I know.
I know.
How could I loose a day?
Well, let me introduce you to my darling friends Home Improvement and Total Disaster.
They are quite charming but let me warn you, they will take over your lives.
And make you loose a day.
Just so you know.

Really, all I wanted to say was:

2 days till Stuart's 32nd birthday
7 days till we have to have the house done and on the market
8 days till we move down to San Antonio
11 days till Stuart REALLY starts work
24 days till Halloween
That's just October y'all.