05 October 2010

Some Notes

  • In case you were wondering, Stuart has not left yet. It's ok. There have been some changes in regards to his job and so he's not leaving just yet. I promise I will let you know more about this as soon as I feel it's "ok" to tell. {giddiness about to boil over}
  • With Stuart not gone, we have more time to devout to the house. Yea...
  • Rachael wrote a great letter about Luke last night. Take a look.
  • Fall has arrived and we may have to turn out heater on. It's currently 49 degrees.
  • Tucker is STILL having issues with going poopy in the potty. Ugh.
  • I would really enjoy a key lime pie right now. Just so you know.
  • Oh, and Stuart's birthday is on Saturday.