20 October 2010

In the past few days

I feel like we are in a whole new world.
Not only did we move from the north to the south but we've changed the direction in which we live. Mainly, mommy stays home (again) and daddy works (quite far away and will spend the night away two nights a week at least). BUT we are so thankful for these changes!

However several things have made it on to my many, many lists:

  • Stuart forgot his CPAP in WF and thus we are headed back up there this weekend to retrieve it along with some other things.
  • I forgot to pack a black belt
  • In saving space, I didn't bring any shoes. (Thank goodness my mom and I wear the same size)
  • Tucker has peed in his underwear twice and pooped once.
  • Both boys have made it to bed at 8 pm since arriving in SA.
  • We found out that during our outing two weeks ago, we got into poison ivy. (I broke down and called my BIL/Pediatrician last night. After viewing some pictures, he declared my not paranoid.)
  • We got to eat Taco Cabana. {happy}
  • We listed our house.
  • I brought three garbage bags full of laundry from just Friday and Saturday to start.
  • I cleaned out my mom's pantry. {another happy}
  • I realized how amazing newer toilets and plumbing are.
  • I started to realized just how much stuff we have.


Brianna Kay said...

Oh Taco Cabana - how I miss you!!! (seriously I'm full and my mouth is still watering)