01 October 2010


Yesterday we finally got to head down to Dallas to meet and greet baby Joshua.
I was beside myself and the boys were just excited to play with baby Kate.
Once we got their, Kate and my sister were waiting outside for us and Kate jumped up and down with glee. It was priceless.
Joshua was an instant hit (I mean, how could he not be?) and the boys wanted to see and hold him.

Tyson getting to hold his newest cousin.

And here comes Kate.

Sweet big sister!

All four!

Alright, enough of this.

Tucker, just doing his own thing.

Tyson is such a big boy!

Look at those cheeks!

The boys.

And Tucker gets a turn.

Tucker was pleased as punch to get to hold his little cousin. He wanted to point out all his body parts.


Yesterday was perfection.
Getting to talk to my sister, listening to our children play (nicely too), hearing Kate ask for "her Tyson and her Tucker and her Stuart," watching love...it was bliss.

And now to get back to this crazy thing called home renovation.