29 September 2010


I'm gonna come on out and say that I do not ever want to "renovate" a house again.
There. I said it.
Truth be told, we'll probably have to do the same thing in WV but at least we'll have this house sold (hopefully) and the only thing on my mind will be the massive amounts of snow piling in around our house. That and the drive to the nearest Walmart for the gallon of milk we don't have.

And here are reasons 1-a billion why I want to say NEVER AGAIN.

  • Random door hanging out in the bedroom. (Plus all the stuff piled on top of the armoire)

  •  Tools, tools, tools. In the kitchen. 

  •  Ladder waiting to be climbed on.

  •  Painting supplies. Plus fabric softener for the wallpaper disaster.

  •  A smidgen of Stuart's garage. I dare not go out there.

  •  Shop vac next to the table.

  •  More working accessories on the table.

  •  Nail gun lazily left on the floor.

  •  Lots of home improvement store bags. Lots.

  •  A hammer and an electric screw driver. Totally at home where they are.

  •  A new door for Tyson's room. But no casing.

Saying goodbye to this house just can't come fast enough. But for now it's DIY central.