26 September 2010

Work Day 2

I think I may have mentioned that we are moving.
Maybe you heard that.
And you might also remember that Stuart starting renovating the boys' bathroom in January.
The 15th to be exact.
But I'm not counting.
So with the looming deadline of Sunday, October 3, we have been quite busy. 
Plus the added factor that I still have two more shifts at work, makes everything seem to be overdrive.
And knowing me, you might have guessed that I am freaking out. 
Like F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out.

I sat down and calculated the number of full days that we have left before Stuart has to leave.
Five full days to work on this house.
Yesterday was day 2.
{slow breath}

Here's the bathroom as of 7 am this morning.
No biggie. 
Just a few thousand things left to do in there.

Here are my lists.
Need I say more?

This is my contribution to "let's get this house sold."
Taking down horrendously ugly wallpaper.
In the kitchen and our bathroom.
Too bad I have no desire to paint over it now.

 You might have noticed the single item crossed out on the list.
Base molding.
That's right.
The wood floors are now officially complete.

And if you're wondering why I don't have adorable pictures of the boys with their perfect little cousins, that's because Tyson got a nasty stomach bug on Thursday and spent all day on Friday (from 3 am on) vomiting. 
Fun times.


Andrea said...

We've only sold one house and I SO ANNOYED with all the things we did to fix it up to get it to sell. I wanted those things done for years and a month before we move, two bathroom redo's, new baseboards, new paint, new hallway doors...uggg. I'm still angry, 3 years later. I want to make this house a home and get what I want done before we decide to sell...good luck!