15 September 2010

We Have a Problem

A poopy problem to be exact.

Just what you wanted to read huh?

Since birth, Tucker has always made things more complicated. After Tyson's cruising thru all milestones, Tucker simply crashed into milestones. Never a dull moment with that boy. Potty training has been no exception.

I know that I have taken a more relaxed or slow approach to potty training, but again, Tyson absolutely sailed thru it and I thought that by waiting a bit longer and having the encouragement of his older brother that Tucker would also sail thru this endeavor.

Boy was I wrong.

For Tyson gum and ice cream did the trick. Tucker wanted nothing, except a bicycle helmet (like his big brother). So that quickly became our turning point and viola!, he went both poopy AND peepee in the potty! Yea!

But he wasn't doing too hot at nap/bed time and we opted to save all the sheet washing and put pull-ups on him during those times. No big deal.

Tucker's been doing great for several months.


But then, we regressed.

A BIG regression.

For the past couple of weeks we have notice that Tucker has been pooping in his pull-up during nap time. Again, nap/bed time has always been an issue so we didn't think a whole lot of it at first. {plus I think something was going on in his tummy so....anyway, I won't go there with y'all} Sure enough, Stuart and I started tracking the number of times Tucker was going poopy in the potty during the day-NONE. He was ONLY going in his pull-up.


We CAN'T go back to that. We just can't.

We've begged.
We've bribed.
We've pleaded.
We've kept him up during nap time.
We've sat with him in the bathroom for 45 minutes.


I don't know if it's just a mental thing now; if he would just go on the potty one time, he would remember that it's ok. But it's not like he's afraid to use the potty at all. Peeing in the potty has been great. No accidents there. It's just the poop.

Oh the poop. We just can't get away from it.