16 September 2010


So, Tyson's birthday is tomorrow.
Tomorrow my baby will be five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Using all the fingers on one hand.
How can this be???????

And it just so happens that I work this weekend. Stinkin' work. Anywho, Stuart and I decided that it would perfectly acceptable to celebrate a day early and so set our sights on today. But then this came in the mail yesterday:
We couldn't not let him not open it, so quickly we formed a new plan-celebrate 2 days early!

Mimi made Star Wars cookies! Aren't they adorable?! She bought the cookie cutters here because after reading the magazine a bazillion times, Tyson declared he had to have them.
Tucker woke up and was pleasantly surprised.
We purchased the cranes for last Christmas, but they didn't arrive in time so we thought we'd save them for some later date. I guess we forgot them for Tucker's birthday and Stuart "found" them last night. Tucker was pleased as punch to also get a present.

And Legos....

Why is there are partially done pink cake in my fridge? Because Tyson wanted one. Duh!

So birthday central continues today and tomorrow. :)

*pardon the crazy outfit that Tyson is wearing. He clothed himself and is all about brown and/or camouflage shirts. The shorts, well that's just straight comfort.