02 September 2010

But he won't say his ABC's

While running errands this morning, Tucker started shouting out some of the establishments that we passed:

the ice cream store {Dairy Queen}
the corn dog store {Sonic}
Mac-Dohn-oles {Mickey D's}
Eat Fresh! {Subway}
the eggplant store {Chili's}
the fish store {Long John Silver's}
Target {Target}
the pet store {Petco}
the castle {Best Buy}

Apparently we go out to eat way too often.


Amy said...

It's amazing how advertising works! My kids can recognize BJ's Pizza, the donut store (Shipley's), Chick a lay (Chick Fil A) and HEB in addition to the ones your boys know. And not just the ones they're familiar with. Getting off the new ramp at 410/Bandera, Allison screamed, "Donut store!" when she saw the Shipley's in Leon Valley.