23 September 2011

6 & 7

Of course Tyson would one up himself, of course he would!
While at school, eating ice cream
he lost tooth #6.
He was beyond excited and one of his classmates got 
to walk him to the nurse.
He got a tooth necklace in which to place his tooth.
(the exact same tooth necklace that they had when I was in elementary school)
Very proud of loosing this tooth.

Not ten minutes later,
Tyson ran into the living room.
Scout was laying on the couch and was more than scared by Tyson's abrupt entrance.
Her reaction?
Jump up and hit Tyson square in the face.
And now we have lost tooth #7.
Not so proud/happy about this one.
The good news?
The tooth fairy gets to bring TWO presents tonight.


Jessica said...

at this rate he's gonna be living on jello and pudding for a few weeks!

Tina said...

And he has a swollen lip to boot! Bad Scout!!! Yea for the tooth fairy!!