21 September 2011

On being 6

Tyson: Mom, I am so old now.
Me: Yes. You are a whole year older.
Tyson: I'm six now. I'm so much older than five.
Me: Yup.
Tucker: I'll be eight when Tyson is older!
Me: ???
Tyson: Tucker! I am older than you! And now I can ride the Steel Eel, right mommy?
Me: Well, you are older now, but you aren't quite big enough to ride the Steel Eel yet.
Tyson: But WHY? I'm OLD now. I'm SIX.
Me: Thank you for the reminder. Being able to ride the ride depends on how tall you are now how old you are.
Tyson: But I'm older now.
Me: I know baby, it just doesn't work that way.
Tyson: So then will I be old enough to ride when I am seven?