26 September 2011

{virgin} Lava Flow

So the summer before Stuart and I got married (which can also be said as the summer after Stuart and I started dating OR the summer before Stuart and I got engaged...really, everything happened in a 10 month span. We started dating in March, got engaged in August and then were married in December-OF THE SAME YEAR. Yea, that's how we roll.) I spent working in Hawaii. I know, I know, such a hard life. Pish. I was a nanny for a family that vacations in Hawaii every year, so off I went to spend the summer in the blissfullness that is the big island. Oh, and work. While I was there, I was introduced to the Lava Flow. Y'all, this drink changed my life. Seriously. I have never been able to forget it. Recently on pinterest, I found a recipe for my long, lost love and ran to the store to get the ingredients.

Here's some things to note: this recipe makes A LOT. If you are just making it for a night in, cut the recipe in half or even by 3/4s. Also, this is a virgin Lava Flow (which is the only thing I drank in Hawaii). If you want to make it more grown up, by all means, please do.

{virgin} Lava Flow

46 oz Pineapple juice
40 oz (or 3 cans) Cream of Coconut
1 pint Half and Half
Container of frozen strawberries in sugar (or syrup)

1. Combine pineapple juice, cream of coconut and half and half in a container. Make sure it's a big container. I had to switch out before adding the half and half.

2. In a separate bowl, blend strawberries with a little water to make a thick(ish) pulp.
I used my handy emulsion blender. If you couldn't find strawberries in sugar (or syrup), add some sugar to taste. 

3. Fill blender with ice.

4. Pour pineapple juice mixture into blender up to the level of the ice.
Or a little below.

5. Blend

6. Pour about 2-3 Tbsp of strawberry mixture into serving glass. Fill glass with blended pineapple mixture.