29 September 2011

Silver Lining

So we hard a rough morning.
Or night.
Depends on how you look at it.
And I mean really rough.

Have I ever mentioned my pen chance for getting sinus infections? Yeah, thank you San Antonio (a.k.a Allergy Capitol of the World). My dear husband is to ear infections as I am to sinus infections. Lovely, I know. Recently his allergies have taken a nose dive and thus his ears have followed suit.

Last night while Stuart was on the phone finalizing plans for his weekend-long fishing trip (um, yeah....), he started complaining of his right ear hurting. Not a huge deal. He's currently on antibiotics for an ear infection. We go to bed; discussing his grocery list before our heads hit the pillows.

2:00 am-Stuart gets up and heads downstairs

I wait a minute then head downstairs too to see why Stuart is up. "I'm getting an ice pack for my ear. It's throbbing." Uh huh.

3:00 am-Tucker wakes up because he has peed thru this sheets.

I get him changed. Remake his bed. Notice that Stu is downstairs again. "It just hurts too much to lie down." Oh man.

3:30 am-Stuart gets dressed to go out and find a 24 hour urgent care clinic. This must be really bad.

4:15 am-Stuart calls asking for me to look up some clinics.

5:00 am-Stuart returns. There are NO 24 hour urgent care clinics in SA. Really?

5:15 am-"I'm going to eat and go back to bed. Will you make me an appointment at the doctor's office when you drop Tyson off at school?"

5:57 am-Tyson wakes up. WAY TOO EARLY.

6:15 am-get Tyson breakfast, make his lunch, pack his backpack, get him dressed, get myself dressed, loathe the morning we are having.

7:20 am-drive Tyson to school

7:31 am-call doctor's office; they don't open till 8. Great.

7:59 am-call doctor's office again. Still on auto answer.

8:00 am-call doctor's office again. Still on auto answer.

8:01 am-call doctor's office again. Still on auto answer.

8:03 am-make Stu doctor's appointment.

8:04 am-deal with Tucker.

Bad news: my husband is sick, again. And he's going to be gone all weekend.
Good news: my husband got some stronger antibiotics to hopefully kill the infection in his ear. And a referral to an ENT.
Bad news: Stuart will probably have to have tubes put in his ears (from what our PCM says).
Good news: Stuart will probably have to have tubes put in his ears.
Bad news: I am really, really, really tired.
Good news: I FOUND THE LOST PILLOWCASE! In my loopy state while changing Tucker's bed, I noticed that another pillowcase was getting stuck in the top of the dresser. A slight pull here and a yank there...the lost pillowcase is found! Oh happy day! And now my laundry-lost item ratio is back down to ZERO. {smile}