03 May 2013


life rearranged

Well, well, well.
Hello there Friday.
And cold weather.
I mean, 48* on May 3?!
Anywho, our week...

Humidity + curly hair = really curly baby hairs.

One of Stu's vendors's daughters is dating a guy I went to high school with. Of course I had to dust of my year books so that Stu could take pictures of the guy. Anyone wanna see my 6th grade picture? (the answer is no)

HEB Central Market. BRASIL!

My day got sooo much better.

Think my mom and I got enough Guarana?

This lovely letter came for my SEVEN YEAR OLD. No, he will not be calling to refinance his mortgage. Thankyouverymuch.

Onesies I made for Hutton. :)

I straightened my hair. 

The boys each got to taste Guarana. It's a right of passage.

To prove to Stu that there really was no ammo.

My day was spent editing.

New water softener! What-what!

I decided to be wild and crazy with my nails.

The ever annoying homework time.

I had to steal this quote.

Inspection station #10 = the most ridiculously long wait. Ever.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!