08 May 2013

What I WANT to Wear Wednesday {WIWTWW}

WIWTWW photo Untitled-3_zps8ff76956.jpg
I don't know about you, but this week is disappearing.
I mean, how is it Wednesday already?
So along with loosing track of days, I've been in a "fashion funk."
One could say I've been in funk of some sort all my life, but that's a conversation better had with a trained professional.
South Texas has had the most bizarre weather the last few months and so I have no clue what I should be wearing.
One day the high will be 54* and the next day, 86*.
And it's May.
And that scenario really did happen...last week.
So....here's what I WANT to wear:

Polka Polka

Evening Out

What do you want to wear today?
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