07 December 2008


Yes, I know-a survey. But I couldn't help it. I really felt the need to waste your time filling your brain with useless information about me. Isn't it fun?

Available: No
Age: 27
Annoyance: People who don't put their children in car seats
Animal: Dog
Actor/Actress: Will Ferrell
Afraid of heights: I have a healthy fear

Beer: Not my taste but my husband's
Birthday/Birthplace: Dec 21/St. Louis, MO
Best Friends: Laura
Body part on opposite sex: Shoulders
Best feeling in the world: After eating a fantastic meal, curling up on the couch with some hot cocoa and watching sappy movies
Blind or deaf: Neither
Best Weather: Winter
Been in love: Am in love
Been on stage: Several times
Believe in yourself: Yes
Believe in life on other planets: Not life
Believe in miracles: Absolutely
Believe in Magic: The magic of the season :)
Believe in God: Yes
Believe in Satan: Yes
Believe in Santa: Yes! And don't tell me otherwise
Believe in Ghosts/Spirits: No (But I sure am scared of them when I am alone)
Believe in evolution: Watch Ben Stine's "Expelled"

Car: Have 3
Candy: M&Ms
Color: Red
Cried in School: Yes
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Chinese or Mexican: Mexican
Cake or pie: Cake
Country to visit: Aruba
Clothing: Comfortable
Characteristics: I'm a mom...

Day or night: Night
Dream vehicle: Toyota Camry (I know)
Danced: A lot in college-oh so fun!
Dance in rain: No but that would be so romantic
Do the splits: Uh, no

Eyes: Hazel
Everyone has a heart: Yes, if you didn't you wouldn't be alive
Ever failed a class: Yes

First Crush: Wow, can't remember that far back
Full Name: CCD
First thoughts waking up: Why so early?
Food: Anything that I don't have to cook

Greatest Fear: Not being able to see my children grow up
Giver or taker: I really try to be a giver but sometimes you just need some back
Goals: To be a good mother and wife
Gum: Sugar free
Good luck charm: I don't really have good luck

Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5'5
Hungry: Always
Holiday: Birthday, Christmas AND Anniversary (it's an all encompassing thing)
How do you want to die: I don't right now
Health freak: Goodness no
Hate: "Mommy, we aren't supposed to say hate." But I do loathe the snooze button

Ice Cream: Chocolate covered cherry
Instrument: Voice
Iced tea or Kool-Aid: Iced tea

Jewelery: Love it!
Job: M-O-M
Jokes: I'm not very good at them. I'm just too gullible.

Kids: 2
Kickboxing or karate: "K"ouch
Keep a journal: Too much work, not enough time

Longest Car ride: Las Vegas to San Antonio (several times)
Love: Getting massages
Letter(s): Adore snail mail!
Laughing hard enough to cry: Haven't done that in awhile
Love at first sight: Happens everyday
Lions or Tigers: Who are they mascots for?

Milk: Is consumed by the gallon daily at my house
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Mooned Anyone: Nope
Marriage: Almost 6 years!
McD's or Burger King: Chick-fil-A (too bad stinky WF doesn't have one)

Number of Siblings: 2
Number of crushes: I have a severe crush on Pottery Barn
Numbers to my telephone: 1-9

Overused phrases: "No!"
One wish: Potty trained kids
One phobia: The dark

Pizza: Little Caesar with bread sticks
Place to live: Hmmmm
Pepsi/ Root Beer: Pepsi

Quail: Politician
Questionnaires: Remind me how boring my life is

Reasons for crying: Hearing my children say they love me
Reasons for killing: The correct answer would be none, but if you hurt my family it might be a different story
Radio Station: Positive, Encouraging K-Love!
Rolling your tongue in circle: Is unique

Song: Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullin
Shoe Size: 8
Salad Dressing: Caesar if I have to
Sad: Too many times
Slept outside: Yes! I really need to go camping again
Seen a dead body: Not fun
Smoked: Up my kitchen
Shower Daily: I really try to
Sing Well: Depends on how well your ear is trained
Sing the shower: Not anymore
Stuffed Animals: Used to have a million teddy bears
Single/ Group Dates: Then-single/Now-group
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries
Scientists: Really need to find a cure for cancer

Time for bed: As soon as the boys are in bed
Thunderstorms: Are wonderful
Tornadoes: Happen around us too many times
TV: Survivor!
Touch your nose with your tongue: Yup

Unpredictable: Whether Tyson will use the potty or not
Umbrella: Needs to be bigger

Vacation Spot: What's a vacation?
Vegetable I love: Potatoes
Vegetables I hate: Jalapenos

Weakness: Gullible
When you grow up: When will that be again?
Which one of your friends acts most like you: Umm, me and my sis-in-law are a LOT alike
Who makes you laugh the most: Stuart
Wanted to be a Model: No, no and no
Where I live: Wichita Falls

X-rays: Provide lots of answers

Year I was born in: 1980
Year that it is now: 2008
Year it will be soon: 2009

Zoo animal: Giraffe
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius