08 December 2008

Is it the Age?

Alright, today I have come to my wits end with my three year old son. Tyson is in this phase where he whines about everything (mostly not getting his way) and cries at the mere thought of Tucker taking one of Tyson's toys. Are all three year olds like this???

Today I was watching one of my friend's girls. They came over at 1 pm. The boys had already been asleep for an hour so I wasn't too worried about the girls waking them up. The oldest girl (K) is three and her sister (L) is 8 months old. The girls played very nicely and quietly till the boys woke up at 2 pm. Tyson has played with K many times and normally has a fantastic time with her. Today he wanted none of it. He whined and cried because I had to hold L and wanted a snack and didn't want K to play with his cars and didn't want to watch what was on tv and didn't want L to touch anything....ahhhh!

As K & L's mom was on her way back, K was standing at the window looking for her. Tyson said something (I'm not quite sure exactly what it was, but it was mean) and made K start crying. I told him that he needed to tell K he was sorry. Here's what transpired:

"Tyson, tell K that you are sorry. We don't talk to our friends that way and it made her very sad."


"Tyson, you need to tell K that you are sorry right now AND you do NOT tell mommy no."

"I don't want to."

"Tyson, I am going to count to three and then you are going to get a spanking if you do not tell K you're sorry."


"I want to go to my room."

Seriously? Is he really asking to go to his room? On top of it all he STILL has NOT apologized. Grrr.

"Alright, go to your room. But you are not coming out till you can tell K you are sorry."

K&L's mom shows up and Tyson is still in his room. After they leave he casually walks out and says, "I'm ready to tell K sorry."

Wow. The boy is three. THREE.

*Although I do not condone spanking, there are times that it needs to be used. I realize that not all parents believe in this practice; that's fine, just please don't tell me that I am wrong for the way that I parent and that I am hurting my child(ren). I have not nor will I ever hit/spank/discipline my child(ren) out of anger.


Raena said...

Ummm...I could've written that conversation out and subistuted tha names...it sound EXACTLY like my 3 year old. Ain't it fun?! I am honestly at a loss. Spanking has not worked. Time out has not worked. UGH!!! let me know if you come up with something. He NEVER shares with his Sister. EVER! Parenting is hard.