26 December 2008

Reality Check

Christmas is over. The tree is still up. Company is gone. The boys are strung out on new toys. It's 70 degrees outside. We have to drive to somewhere outside of Dallas tomorrow to meet Stuart's brother to get our truck back since the differential broke while Stuart was in Houston last Saturday to see his brother's graduation. Tyson got a stomach bug on Tuesday night and was up-chucking all night and day. Wednesday Stuart woke up with the same bug. Today both my parents woke up with the same bug (and I think that my sister now has the same bug). Tyson went thru three sets of sheets and 5 outfits during his "illness." We got our Christmas tree on Tuesday and it hasn't burned down and it still smells awesome (this was the first time that I have ever had a real tree). Stuart trimmed the entire tree by himself. We have LED Christmas lights on the tree which makes Stuart very happy. I used my wedding china for the first time for Christmas lunch. I did more dishes in the past few days than I have done in my entire life. I got 5 Christmas cards on Christmas eve. That made me extremely happy. Stuart got me a new camera for my birthday. This was entirely unexpected (the past 5 birthdays he got me a new phone) and very welcomed. I took a really great nap this afternoon. My other sister and her hubby came for Christmas lunch and thus I got to play with my adorable niece. My niece loves Tucker. I'm ready to take Christmas down and get on to 2009. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year with much less drama. My 6th wedding anniversary is in 2 days!
Happy day-after-Christmas!


Jennifer said...

So glad you had a "fantastic" Christmas week. It sounds great. :)