18 December 2008

To Do List

Alright, today is Thursday. 3 more days till my birthday (I'll be the ripe 'ole age of 28), 7 more days till Christmas and 10 more days till my 6th wedding anniversary. Yes, my husband has no idea how to plan so three of the biggest events of our lives (and yes I consider birthdays big events) are crammed into one week. Regardless of all that, I still have TONS of things that I need to do before Christmas.

Send out our Christmas cards. This is not entirely my fault that they are going out so late. They aren't going to be ready till tomorrow so I have to mad dash to try and get them to the post office by tomorrow afternoon.
Get a Christmas tree. Again not entirely my fault. We've had a fake tree for 5 years and last year we donated it to Stuart's flight. I had every intention of buying a pre-light tree after Christmas last year but it never materialized. Stuart really wants a real tree this year but he wants to wait till the big day gets closer so that the trees are on sale. We now have a week.
Put lights up outside. This is entirely Stuart's fault. I can't climb on the roof or the ladder for that matter and I'm not allowed to use his staple gun. Company's coming on Tuesday honey...
Decorate inside the house. I have three Santas up. That's it. I'm just tired of Tucker pulling everything down.
Go thru the boys toys and do some cleaning out.
Clean the house and get ready for our company.
Get the rug back in the house that I got sick on. I'm chalking the "sickness" up to my bad weekend. It's been outside but of course the weather has been less than accommodating for cleaning it.
Wrap presents.
Get my husband on the road to Houston for his brother's graduation. He's leaving tomorrow morning and returning some time on Sunday. I really don't like being alone. Not-to-mention that Sunday is MY big day.
Do all the other regular things that us housewives have to do. Ugh. Not a fan of laundry.

And to top it all off, Tucker got a hold of one of our big metal crosses this morning and dropped it on his toe. It didn't break his toe but pulled a good bit of skin off. Stuart wanted to take him to the ER but called our Pediatrician-brother-in-law first and now we are going to the dr instead in the morning. He seems alright now. The band-aid won't stay on his toe because he removes it the second we put it on and the socks that we put on to try and keep the band-aid on get ripped off just as fast. Ah, the joys of boys!