02 December 2008

Gobble Gobble...a bit late

This year we went to San Antonio for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun to see my family and Stu's family. We headed our Wednesday night and had a jam-packed weekend. Thursday was so filled with food I don't know where to start. We had an early lunch with my family and then headed to Stuart's sister's house for a late lunch. In a two hour time period, we ate TWO Thanksgiving meals. Needless-to-say we were stuffed. Thursday night we hung out at my parents house and let the boys play with their cousin Kate. She is precious! She loved her Uncle Stu (he had a very calming effect on her) and was really interested in Tucker.

Friday morning we all got ready and attempted to take a Chisholm/Doss/Brooks family picture. Funny is a good word to describe it.

Friday night we drove out to Gruene,TX to celebrate a baby shower. We ate at the Gristmill. YUMMY! The town was so beautiful-covered with Christmas lights. The boys had fun running around and being outdoors.

Then Saturday morning I went shopping at Charming Charlie's with my mom-fabulous! It's like an upscale version of Sam Moon. Plus it has shoes and clothes. I should have robbed a bank before I went....
Sunday morning we drove home and were welcomed by 52 degrees and windy weather. Ahh, home sweet home!


Jennifer said...

Okay, your header photo is gorgeous, your new haircut is adorable and your boys are too cute. (I love the dancing on Facebook) Glad you guys had a fun albeit busy weekend! Where are you spending Christmas?