04 December 2008

Is it Thursday or Friday?

So Stuart starting working mid shift this week at work. That means that he goes into work at 10:30 pm and comes home at 7:30 am. That's right, PM and AM. Why you ask? There are too many students and not enough classroom space so some of the instructors had to move to mids in order to accommodate the Air Force's newest AGE Rangers. Whatever. What this does mean for our little family is a whole new way of life.

1) Since Stu is gone at night, I am sleeping by myself. I use the word "sleeping" to mean I am in bed, with the dog, waking up every hour because of noises that I may or may not have heard and things that I may or may not have seen walking thru my house. Not fun. Let me also say that I am petrified of the dark, so you get the picture.

2) When Stu gets home around 7:30 am the boys are awake and ready to play with him. He is ready to crawl in bed and go to sleep.

3) While daddy is sleeping the day away, I have to try and keep the boys to a dull roar and prevent them from going into our room and not talk to daddy. I also have to explain several times a day that daddy IS at home but he is SLEEPING so we can't play with him right now.

4) I feel like a single mom since Stu is either at work or asleep but yet my husband is just in the other room.

5) I don't know what day it is. Since Stu's Monday starts on Sunday night, his weekend begins Friday morning. So right now it's Thursday but really his Friday. Nuts.

On a positive note, I got the dishes done this morning. Yea for me!!


Jennifer said...

Oh I'm sorry. I feel your pain. I'm married but let's be real, I AM a single mom during the week because Kevin's 200 miles away. And on the weekends he's just a regular guy which means he's only "here" 50% of the time. The rest is with his mistress, Football. I hope it ends soon for you.I can't imagine the fun you're having keeping 2 little boys quiet so he can sleep.