22 April 2009

Good 'ole Texas

Last night we made a little trip a bit south of us to the grand town of Abilene (i.e. the place where ACU lives, or my sister lives). I have been to Abilene twice in my entire life and so have no "strings attached" there. But Stuart, ah my lovely husband, had tires that he needed to buy. HAD to buy. For his Scout (the vehicle) can not go another drive-less day with THESE tires, which are in Abilene. So we loaded up at 4 pm and started our way down the loneliest stretch of road known to man. Seriously. There was not a single gas station, run down shack, place to pee between Wichita Falls and Abilene. Good thing boys can pee standing up.
After entering the city limits, we attempted to navigate a town that is almost as retarded in street design as WF. Add to that a husband who REFUSES to ask to directions, Map Quest directions that were handwritten to get "the highlights" and you have us sitting in an adjoining town, scratching our heads. Finally Stuart gives in and finds a gas station to humiliate himself in and get directions. Haha. "Map Quest was wrong." was his reply. {smirk} "Maybe you should have printed out the directions instead of just getting the highlights." I so did NOT say this to him but I really, really wanted to.
We find the said tire seller, a nice fireman who lives somewhat close to McMurray University. I begged Stuart to ask him how to get to Chick-fil-A, so he asked the nice fireman how to get to the mall. (Do men ever listen??)
30 minutes later, we had exited Abilene and were on our way back to WF when Stuart finally relented and turned around. (See now I would have turned around waaay before that but he just couldn't grasp that concept that HE had made a wrong turn. No, Abilene up and switched all the streets right before we got there. It had to be!)
We finally made it to Chick-fil-A. The smile on my face said 1)Praise the Lord! It's Chick-fil-A! and 2)Look honey, you found it all by yourself!


Jennifer W. said...

Men are so dumb. I wonder how much of my life is wasted because he won't listen to me and my great ideas. And by great ideas I mostly mean common sense.

Brittany Skloss said...

I can't believe streets move for other people, too! And I thought we were special...