24 April 2009


I had an interview last night for the first time in over three years. Yikes! Since Stuart is about to get out of the AF and become a full time student, I need to get a job so that a) I can contribute to the family and b) so that the boys and I will have health insurance. Mainly for "b" since Stuart will be receiving VA benefits and using his GI Bill.

So I have been looking around and finally made an attempt last night. Here are some notes that I gathered regarding the interview process:

If you are the interviewer

  • Do not arrive 15 minutes late for the interview. It makes not only yourself look unprofessional, but the company in which you are trying to hire for.
  • Do not sit around the office while waiting the 15 minutes past the interview time, talking to other employees and staring at the interviewee.
  • Do not try and convince the interviewee that you did not know he/she was there. I was sitting right there, in front of your face.
  • Do not start the interview by proclaiming your love of Las Vegas and gambling. Yes, the interviewee might have lived there but he/she doesn't really need/want to talk about his/her favorite game/casino.
  • Do not try and sell your other company to the interviewee (i.e. Mary Kay). How incredibly unprofessional!
  • Do not try to bring the interviewee "on board" with your other company because the other company offers better benefits.
  • Do not spend 30 minutes during the interview yawning. I'm tired too. But I am really that boring?
  • Do not at the end of the interview, declare that there are only two positions available and realize that the interviewee doesn't really fit into those two positions.
  • Do not discuss the fact that the company doesn't offer full time positions, nor does it offer benefits for part time workers, since both were prerequisites for the interviewee.
  • Do not say "that's so cool" 5 times in a sentence.
I didn't take/want the job for several reasons, but I was just baffled as I walked out to my car. Am I just getting too old?


Jennifer W. said...

Uh WOW. I am sorry. That sounds like the worst interview I've ever heard of. At least they didn't ask how much you weighed or how comfortable you would feel working in a bikini. That would be worse. Anyway, I know Starbucks offers insurance even to their part timers... or did in the past anyway. Don't know if you've got a SB up in the WF.