25 April 2009

Snot and Snails and Sinus infections

I am sick.
I have a sinus infection.
I have had three sinus surgeries in the past 8 years to curve my affinity to sinus infections.
Obviously they haven't worked.
I blame allergies.
Which I have many of.
I blame to state of Texas.
Which is pretty much constantly in a state of allergen. (Does that make sense?)
I blame the male population which has perpetuated the notion that moms can still be moms while sick.
We can't.
I blame the chores that still have to be done.
I blame the dogs that still have to be fed.
I blame the children that still run to mommy when mommy is covered in snot and has her head in a vice.
I blame sinuses.
Do we really need them?
I feel like...poop. (I had to censor that because my mom and my grandparents read this too. Hi mom! Hi Neenee and Grangran!)
I am sick.


Brooks said...

My eye doctor told me she had her kids adnoids (spelling?) taken out and now he has no more sinus infections. You should ask your doc about it. Love you- hope you feel better

Brittany Skloss said...

Sorry you're feeling bad!

Raena said...

Have you tried any natural remedies? Do you know what things you are allergic to? Message me on FB.

Jennifer W. said...

Oh sinus infections are awful! I am pretty sure I suffer from chronic recurring SI but I never go in since my insurance is so poo poo. I hope you feel better soon! Also, I don't know anything about the adenoid/SI relationship but I know getting them removed as an adult is awful. I hope you feel better soon!

Brooke said...

Allergies suck. Hope you feel better soon!