13 April 2009

Post Easter Post

We went to San Antonio this weekend. All of us. Including the dogs. The trip down went smoothly; Tyson peed on the side of the road twice and had no accidents in the car. Dare I say that we are potty trained??

Here is a picture highlight of our 4 days:

We went to Chick-fil-A.
Stuart fixed my dad's car.
Sat around the house.
Day one of spoiling.

More sitting around.
I went to lunch with a really good friend and had chocolate. Yum.
We went to the Friday night service at church. Awesome.
Went to dinner with Stuart's dad, Jan, Steven & Misty & Gracie.
Went to Steve and Jan's house after the boys were in bed for some grown-up family time.
Day two of spoiling.

Went to Jeffrey & Sarah's house for food, fun and egg hunting.
I went to a gorgeous outdoor wedding (where we all froze) and saw a ton of old friends. (It was sooo good seeing Rebecca, Brittany and her fam and of course the bride, Jessica!)
Went out with Steven, Misty and Justin. Good food, good drinks, good family and friend.
Day three of spoiling.

Hunted eggs indoors because it was raining outdoors.
Packed up and headed home.
Day four of spoiling.

Happy Easter!