20 April 2009

Who Knew?

Last night Stuart and I began looking up information on Preschool. Oh my word, is it really time for my little, precious, darling, just starting to wear underwear boy to go to school? Out of my house? Not with me or his daddy for a length of time during the week? Surrounded by actual kids other than the 5 he sees on occasion and his brother? Learning?
Yes, it is *almost* time.
Tyson's birthday is September 17 which means he doesn't make the cut-off for a traditional Preschool in the fall. But since he is now potty trained (thank the heavens!) there are a plethora of options including MDO, T/TH programs, and different church schools. We are filtering thru some of those now.
Decisions, decisions.
Who knew this day would ever come?


Brooke said...

Kate is starting preschool in the fall too....YAHOO! Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to her being out of the house for a few hours every week?

Jennifer W. said...

OH I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! I know your stomach must be twisting and turning thinking about it but let me tell you - it will be so great! I am always wishing I were in San Antonio with Avelyn but honestly, I am so thankful to have found a place I love, that she loves, that is there when I have to work/run non-kid errands. I don't hate it at all anymore. Here are some perks: a) some one-on-one time with Tucker, and he doesn't he deserve it?! b) Tyson will have SO much fun making new friends c) he will learn how to interact with adults and kids on his own terms (which I realize is scary sounding as a Mama but won't you be so PROUD to see him thriving!!!)

At least you are smart and looking now. THe good schools go so fast. Take your time, visit a lot and find one you love. I am crossing my fingers and thinking about you!