14 April 2010


So I got a new phone.

By accident.
True story.

Stuart is an amazing man. He can fix practically anything that he touches. He can recite Office Space and The Big Lebowski. He knows more about fashion than I do. He even knows how to put the toilet seat down. (Yes you can drool about that one.) But a decisive man he is NOT.

It's not so much that Stuart doesn't know what he wants. In fact, he very much knows what he wants. He just wants several (and I do mean several) of kinds of a single item.

Stuart's absolutely amazed and awed at the internet and what you can find. So as soon as he gets on a kick about something (current item: guns), he researches it the point of becoming an adjunct expert on it and then can't narrow down his list to just ONE or even TWO kinds of that single item. (This is why that fact that he actually settled on a degree plan AND is slated to graduate this summer astounds me. He actually picked ONE thing. Don't be bothered with the fact that he has gone back and changed his mind about going to grad school, getting a second bachelors, going to law school...)

It was no surprise to me then when last Wednesday Stuart announced that he was getting a new phone. He makes pronouncements like this often enough that I am learning to roll with it. (Again another feat that I am so not got at but after 7.5 years of marriage am learning is going to be part of our lives forever.) Two years ago we both got HTC Touch Pros (mine with a full qwerty). Considering that phones have a life equaled to that of dogs, it's amazing we kept our phones for more than a year (well that and the simple fact that this is Stuart and electronics). Sometime in January Stuart decided he was done with touch screens and traded someone for a Samsung phone that had "actual keys." He loved the keys but disliked the internet interface so has been hounding me to consider trading in my phone with him. Why he thinks I even care is beyond me but he asks all the same.

Unbenownced to me, Stuart used my phone upgrade to get his new phone. No biggie, like I said, I really don't care.

He was like a little school boy when the box came Friday. His eyes lit up and he ripped threw the packaging to start playing. Boys and their toys. After a few minutes of pure glee, Stuart picks up his old phone to call and make the connection on the new phone.

His face went limp.
He looked like he had been hit with a truck.

A few sad and tense minutes later Stuart hangs up and says, "here."
"Why are you handing this phone to me?"
"Because it's yours."
"But I don't want it. You got it."
"It's yours."

Apparently the new phone had a rebate. And the rebate could only be used if the new phone was activated under the account that was due for the upgrade. MY account to be exact.

So now I have a new blackberry, or blueberry as one of my co-workers calls it. The same co-worker that refers to the iphone as a g-phone.

And Stuart is beyond envious of this accident.


Aubrey said...

All I can do is laugh! This is so something my husband would do!!!