01 April 2010


We are not having a very good start for the month of April. Yesterday both the boys woke up with runny noses and some sneezing. No big deal. I know that since the weather is getting warmer, things are blooming and all are allergies are bound to kick in.

We did have a little visit with the pediatrician yesterday for well child appointments.

Tyson: 42.5 lbs, 43 in, 49.6 cm head circumference
Tucker: 42 lbs, 40.5 in, 50.2 cm head circumference

Yes, the boys are half a pound difference in weight and Tucker's head is bigger than Tyson's.

As the day/night progressed both boys started getting worse. Tucker's snot was turning green and Tyson could stop sniffing. As bed time rolled around, it was apparent that Tyson was just not able to breath very well laying down. He was up till 11:30 pm trying to blow his little nose and having us use the "snot sucker" to clear out his nose. Not fun. Finally after crashing, he woke up again at 2:30 am, 3 am, 6:15 am and then finally for good at 7:10 am. Not a good night at all.

After his final rousing of me out of bed, I noticed that he was burning up. Took his temperature and sure enough it was 99.7. Now this could be due to the 5 shots he got yesterday or to allergies or both. Who knows.

And me? Yeah, I can totally feel my ears starting to ache/throb, I have a tickle in my throat and my nose is starting to run.



Andrea said...

I'm a stalker of your blog :) I have three boys and a foster son, so your titled had me following you....anyway, have you tried a Neti Pot, I have horrible allergies that ALWAYS turn into sinus infections, I've been good this whole season thus far using the Neti Pot twice a day. I can even see bits of pollen come out. Just thought I'd throw in my opinion, if you start now, it might hold mommy sickness at bay. Good luck with the sick babies.