06 April 2010


I think we all know by now how important schedules and order and consistency and planning are to me. If you don't, let me just assure you that these things are right up there with Coca Cola, breathing, eating and my family. Really.

So then you will also understand my extreme frustration and almost tantrum when my husband alerted me to the fact that I would have to cancel my eye appointment today because he had a lecture at school that he needed to attend for extra credit. Extra credit.

I know, I know. What's wrong with me? Why wouldn't I want my husband to get the most out of school? Do I want him to do badly and possibly not graduate this summer? Is canceling an eye appointment really that big of an issue?


And here's why.

1) I have already had to cancel and remake this appointment.
2) I really need to have this eye appointment so that my eye doctor can determine if I need to go back to Tylock and have a little more Lasik done.
3) I wouldn't have been so rattled if Stuart would have mentioned this when he got home from school (and right before I passed out from being awake for 23 hours) instead of mentioning this at 10:30 pm last night.
4) This throws a kink in my schedule.
5) The universe might turn around and start hounding me for exact times and dates for everything on my schedule in the next week and I wouldn't be prefect and thus everything would crumble and fall around me; all because I DIDN'T KNOW.

I personally prefer reason 5.


Andrea said...

Uggg...I totally agree. I can't stand when a kink is thrown in my plans. And nothing is worse than a last minute kink. Good luck!