16 April 2010


so i've lost my voice. again. this is very frustrating. my allergies decided to completely flare up in a matter of hours on wednesday night. i went from talking on the phone (to a lot of people actually) to scratchy-i-know-i'm-about-to-loose-my-voice voice. not good. but this time i also have this horrid cough. i honestly sound like a black tar heroine user. not good. work is going to be an interesting venture this weekend.

speaking of work, this is my weekend to work. three 12 hour shifts in a row. it's not that it's exceptionally demanding; it's just that i literally get to see the boys and stu for approximately 2 hours each day. not good. and by the time monday morning rolls around, stu is so ready to not be a "single" dad he practically somersaults out the door to get to school, leaving me with the path of destruction known as "dad watches the boys for three days."

one of my neighbors has a chicken. an honest to goodness, cock-a-doodle-do chicken. i'm 99% sure that's not legal within the city limits. i just can't figure out which neighbor it is that has it. beyond that, i can't figure out WHY they have it. it is outside all day (having a chicken inside the house is an even more dumbfounding thought) and seriously cock-a-doodle-dos all day long. just bizarre.

yesterday marked 90 days since stuart started working on the boys bathroom. key word: started. note that i did not say completed anywhere in that sentence. 90 DAYS.

after a least two weeks of silence from our uninvited guest, he decided to make an appearance. of course i have yet to actually see the vile creature but his evidence was left none-the-less. and since i am absolutely petrified to go upstairs for fear of finding something stuck to one of the glue pads or worse, snapped inside the spring, i make stuart do that dirty job. of course there was nothing but one of the traps was tripped. sneaky little rascal. just die already!

we really need to buy a weed eater/trimmer. i can mow the lawn five million times but it still doesn't look done with everything hanging out over the sidewalks. oh but our flowers that we planted in the fall have bloomed like crazy and totally give off the impression that we care. and that i don't have a black thumb. what others don't know won't hurt them.

today is my niece's birthday. she's 12. holy cow! happy birthday gracie!!

i have my rescheduled-three-times eye appointment this morning. i think i am going to make it!

that's all.