29 April 2010

Date Night

Tuesday afternoon Stuart and I were sitting at our computers when he busted out with a question that I haven't heard in about 4 years. (Ok, it hasn't really been 4 years but and it's mostly my fault that the question doesn't get asked since I usually make a big deal out of the preparation for it. Either way I was shocked.)

Stuart: Hon, do you want to go on a date tonight?
Me: What?? {as I pick myself up off the ground}
Stuart: Yeah, it's Tuesday so we could get in and out of a restaurant no problem.
Me: Well sure.
Stuart: Do you want to call the babysitter?
Me: Absolutely!
Stuart: What do you want to do?
Me: Umm
Stuart: I was thinking that we could go to the range then dinner.
Me: Ahh, so the real reason as to why you want to go out comes thru.
Stuart: Well yeah. See, I get to shoot and you get to eat dinner.
Me: Sounds like a perfect compromise if I ever heard one.

And that's what we did. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of me shooting. Now there's a picture!


Brianna Kay said...

HAHA! Our husbands would be great friends :). I remember the first time he took me shooting (he's still working on getting me hunting, but I'm not sure that will happen) Glad you got a night out from the deal!