25 April 2010

Food Box

So I am so not a person who only eats organically or reads all labels before I buy items or shops at non-commercial stores only {just a disclaimer} but Stuart and I just watched this on PBS and I found it fascinating.


VivaLaGenX said...

Hi there...found your site by hitting the button 'next blog.' After watching the documentary, what are your thoughts? I started to change my diet after watching Spurlock do a film about eating McDonalds food for 30 days straight. Food, inc. just confirms even more that we need to be accountable for what we consume.

Andrea said...

I watched this on Netflix. I was horrified. While we have not gone vegetarian, we did move our meat buying to Trader Joe's which is antibiotic and cruelty free. And I had just gone to a food lecture the week before watching this about food dyes and artificial flavors in food, the start off as crude oil, like what gasoline is made from. We have been food dye and artificial flavor free for 6 weeks. I haven't decided on moving us towards a vegetarian diet yet, I'm married to a "good old country boy" so for now, it's about 3 meals a week that are meatless.

VivaLaGenX said...

Good for you and your family. Once we're hooked, it's hard to ween ourselves off the processed foods. I was brought up on meat and potatoes so understand what your husband is going through. And by the way, it kind of sounds like an addiction...but it is...on processed food, that is. Anyway, good luck and reducing is a great beginning!