31 March 2010


Two weekends ago I was getting ready for work when in runs Tyson from outside needing to use the bathroom (remember that we are sharing one bathroom still).

Me: {putting make-up on}
Tyson: {getting the potty seat on the toilet}
Tyson: Mommy, what's that?
Me: Oh, this is mommy's make-up...
Tyson: No, what's that?
Me: {following Tyson's pointed finger} Uh, well.
Tyson: What are those bumps mommy?
Me: Hmm. Those bumps are things that mommy's have.
Tyson: But I have them on my tummy too! They're littler though.
Me: Yes, that IS right.
Tyson: Why are yours bigger mommy?
Me: {seriously?}
Tyson: Do all mommy's have bumps?
Me: Yes, all mommy's have bumps. But we don't talk about our bumps because they are private and we don't talk about them.
Tyson: Like my pee-pee is private?
Me: Yes! That's exactly right.
Tyson: But YOU don't have a pee-pee.
Me: No, mommy doesn't.
Tyson: So why are your bumps so big?
Me: {where is Stuart?}
Tyson: Huh????
Me: Well, that's just that way God made mommy.
Tyson: Why did God made you like that?
Me: Because that's the way he did.
Tyson: Does daddy have bumps like me too?
Me: Why don't you go ask him?

Lesson learned: it's time to start covering up when getting ready.