24 March 2010

For Your Information

We have NOT caught our uninvited guest. But he's still residing somewhere in our house as evidenced by his little gifts. And yes we do have traps of the sticky AND "snappy" variety out. Stuart did quite the eye opening demonstration for the boys on what would happen to little fingers if they touched the "snappy" traps. I must say, ouch! He also did place peanut butter (not cheese) on the traps as many of you had mentioned. But so far, he/she is still happy and alive.

After much thought and talking and thought and talking, Stuart has decided to stay at MSU for one more year and also get his BA in Accounting. He'll have his BA in Finance at the end of summer and while that's great and wonderful, he can do so much more if he also gets the double major. Since he still has time left on the GI Bill and since I have a good job with benefits, this just seems like the best time to do this. But he was very willing to offer that if the fall semester starts and he just wants to stop everything and get a job, he can/will since he will in fact have a degree. (phew) So while I am more than ready to get outta the falls, at least that means we have one more year to finish all our household projects.

Speaking of projects, you might be wondering about our epic bathroom redo. Just keep wondering. But there is electricity in there now. So Tyson can see when he's peeing. Yay!

Oh and can you say a prayer for my sister's father-in-law? He was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma a couple of weeks ago and tests have not come back very favorable. She's written about some of it here.

Last night in a moment of pure calamity, Stuart deleted everything off our hard drive. Luckily there wasn't much on it that was needed but he did manage to delete the boy's "right now" movie which led to a few tears this morning.

On a completely separate note, Stuart already getting tan from playing outside with the boys.