10 March 2010

Bathroom Update

It's been awhile folks. The view of the bathroom has not changed much. I know, I sound harsh but you're not the one living with this mess that doesn't just end at the bathroom door. Remember-my house, the construction zone? Yeah. I also know that I sound very snobby for thinking that we have it hard with sharing one bathroom. And oh my, we have a house with a roof over our head! What am I complaining about?

Well, Stuart realized that my lovely youngest sister and her boyfriend are coming this weekend. Apparently this realization didn't take affect when I told him of this event two weeks ago; no, he had an over the top, shocking moment on Monday. As in two days ago. And they'll be here in two days.

So he did what he does best, super sonic chaos.

And here is where we are today:

We're getting there.