11 March 2010


So last night I had a first.

I had to work and Stuart had school (no surprise there); so as soon as he came home at 3:45 pm I scurried off to bed. Wednesday, Mondays and Fridays are always more difficult for me to sleep since I slept the night before but never-the-less, I headed off to bed. Shortly there after I was awoken by Tyson coming into the room so that he could use the bathroom. Have I mentioned the one bathroom we're sharing yet? Just checking. From then on, I had a fitful sleep and finally just got up at 8 because there was no going back to sleep and if I wasn't going to be able to catch some z's before work I might, at least, tuck the kids into bed and spend a few extra minutes with Stu.

As soon as I got up I started itching.

And itching.

And itching.

I'm not really sure why but I didn't head this warning and continued on talking to Stu and then getting ready for work. While I was getting ready my ears started itching really, really badly. And then my head; so much so that I couldn't blow dry my hair. Some of you might be screaming at me right now and please know that I didn't hear any of you because my ears were itching!

Regardless of the itching, I headed out the door with a questioning gaze from Stuart and trekked on to work. When I stepped thru the doubled doors, the first thing our triage nurse asked me was why my ears were so red...and why was I breaking out on my face AND neck? Hmm. "I'm just REALLY itchy" was my well informed response. "I think you need to check in and get seen, you look like you're breaking out in hives" she retorted.

Not wanting to leave everyone at work, I procrastinated for a good 30 minutes only to have the itching reach epic levels. After consulting one of our doctors I caved; I signed in. {sigh}

Our triage nurse was right-HIVES.

2 shots and some meds to take for the next 7 days and I am officially less itchy.

Oh and I can't go to work tonight either because the steroids I am taking cause me to fall asleep.

Wow. This is a first.

And the kicker is I have NO IDEA what caused them. No new soap, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, fabric softener, lotion, face cream, linens, towels, food. I honestly have no clue. But they kinda stink. And if someone would have offered to cut my ears off last night, I so would have let them.


Lisa said...

Nice blog and well written :-)