05 March 2010

My Watch

It never fails that something happens in this house on my watch.
I am so not kidding.
If something bad is going to happen, you can bet that that something is going to take place when Stuart is not home and I have responsibility of the house/children/dogs/tv.

Did you know that Turbo broke his leg when he was 5 months old? He did. And guess when it happened? When Stuart was out of town and I was left alone and dared to take him to my friend's house. A broken leg, rod and screws, and some shaving were the end result.
Tucker's 1st black eye? Yup. All me. Well, I didn't in fact hurt my child, but the stool at McDonald's sure did. And Stuart was no where in site.
And now Scout. Poor, pitiful Scout.

Taking advantage of this rockin' weather we have had for the past two days, I took the boys and dogs outside to remember what fresh air and our backyard were like. (Side note-my children thrive in the outdoors. Plus naps are so much better when they've had some energy-burning time frolicking in the mud that is our backyard. And me? I get some "alone" time with my book. And sunglasses. My eyes are still really sensitive to light.)

After 2 hours of some melatonin, Stuart calls to inform me that he's on his way home from school. Sweet. Scout meanders up right at that moment and I am horrified to see blood. Not just a little blood. Everywhere blood. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. I might have screamed on the phone. Stuart might have thought something really bad happened to me or the boys. Upon hanging up the phone (and assuring Stuart that no humans were hurt) I eyed Scout more closely and found that she was bleeding excessively from her back paw. Some warm water and a wash cloth led me to the culprit-a nasty and large gash.

Stuart arrived not long after that and was also amazed at the sheer amount of blood covering our porch and quickly started a search of the cause of this invader. Nothing turned up.

After some frantic discussion, we decided to wrap her foot and put her in her kennel to see if she continued to bleed (she did). The night was horrible; Scout cried and whimpered and I just felt awful for her. First thing in the morning, we drove her to the vet and they assured us Scout would be fine but it was a good thing we brought her in with all the blood loss and such.

#1 dog parent here.

The end result?

3 stitches
Pain meds
Parvo and distemper shots
Rabies shot (she was due)
Nail clipping (free since she was put under)
Cute pink bandanna
A VERY groggy-couldn't-stand-to-walk-three-steps-and-fell-asleep-with-her-head-in-the-air-and-I-had-to-physically-push-her-head/body-back-against-the-couch Dog.


Brianna Kay said...

Awwww - poor scout! I know how foot pads bleed girl and I feel your pain. Glad she's feeling better (and that she's up to date on vaccines - HA!).