28 March 2010

Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan, Jordan

Last night we were perusing thru our channels when we came upon something epic. I mean HUGE. Ginormous.
It's a NKOTB 15 year Reunion Tour.
You heard that right. New Kids On The Block.

As in the boy band that everyone else could listen to but I wasn't allowed to because they jir-rated their hips and my parents thought this profane. And oh my gracious was I jealous of every little girl that had NKOTB pillow cases and posters and cassettes and could jump and dance around just like Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jonathan and Jordan.

Well guess what? All those little girls and now moms and are sporting NKOTB gear at their reunion tour. Bam!
The year:1994
And now: 2010

For your information, while all the other cool kids were listening to these fine young boys, I had Debbie Gibson and Amy Grant on auto play in my Walkman. Oh yeah.


Brianna Kay said...

I have to say, that even thought NKOTB was not forbidden in my house, I never really cared for all that big hair and dancing. AND I also listened to Debby Gibson and Amy Grant . . . . AND I laugh whole heartedly at the 20 and 30 something moms still dancing to NKOTB. Cracks me up! Great post.

p.s. Did girls really love the hillbilly overalls and no shirt look back then? I see that around the hills of Virginia daily and it's not so great up close - HA!!