20 March 2010

Uninvited Guest

We have an uninvited guest. Actually he is not altogether invited. If in fact he is really a he at all; I would loathe to think the he is a she but that's a whole 'nother can of worms that I just don't want to think about.

So this guest.
It's a mouse. (Or maybe a rat, we're not quite sure)


[n. mous; v. mouz] Show IPA noun,pluralmice [mahys] Show IPA, verb,moused, mous·ing.
any of numerous small Old World rodents of the family Muridae, esp. of the genus Mus, introduced widely in other parts of the world.
any similar small animal of various rodent and marsupial families.
a quiet, timid person.
Computers. a palm-sized, button-operated device that can be slid on wheels or ball bearings over a desktop to move the cursor on a CRT to any position, or slid over a drawing in order to recreate the drawing on a CRT.Compare joystick(def. 2).
Informal. a swelling under the eye, caused by a blow or blows; black eye.
Slang. a girl or woman.

I'm gonna go ahead and take a detour here for a second. Did you happen to notice definition #6? Wow. I never knew. How ridiculously interesting and somehow insulting at the same time.

So this mouse (or possibly rat) is very cunning and has somehow never been seen. But we have evidence of it's existance. I am very sorry to say that it's happenings have not only been in the attic as one might think but also in the kitchen (a fact that haunts me and makes me want to crawl out of my skin because ewwwww!). I will say that the only time we have noted this little rascal being in the kitchen it while we were away for the weekend and thus the house was void of all screaming, running and playing by dogs and children alike.

In an attempt to keep my from having a nervous breakdown (because THERE'S A MOUSE IN MY HOUSE), Stuart kindly bought some diversions in which said rodent would/could be picked up and removed from our house. As of yet, there has been no removal.

People, there's a mouse (A MOUSE) in my house and we can't catch him. If ever there was a time that I wanted a cat, NOW IS IT. But then it might catch it and deposit said guest at my doorstep or bathroom or kitchen floor or couch in an attempt to leave a gift for roalty and then I would really loose it.

And yes, Stuart is solely responsible for removal and said marsupial. I get the ebby-jibbies just thinking about it.


Aubrey said...

We had a mouse that lived with us for about 3 months. I'd watch him run across my kitchen floor in the morning. Gross!! He totally freaked me out. We tried the sticky traps and all. What finally worked. a .99cent snap trap with peanut butter on the edge. He was dead in 12 hours.

Good luck.