09 March 2010

Executive Decision

You might be wondering what my very expensive, very large, very nice, hand-me-down rug is doing in the carport surrounded by trash and muck and grub and other "man things."

Well, I made an executive decision.

One of epic proportions.

I threw it out.


With the trash.



After much vomit and poo and other sensory items, it just had to go. I mean, I tried really, really hard to clean it as soon as the aforementioned items befell the glorious rug but there's only so much cleaning that will take out that abuse. And to be absolutely fair it had a fabulous former life in a grand palace by the sea...oh wait, that's my dream.

So fair well good and faithful rug. You have served this family and the family before us and the family before them and your original owners well. But your time has come.

Executive decision. Done.