29 October 2010

My Day


Highlights and Lowlights

No, this post is not going to be about my hair. Although, now that I think about it I do really need a haircut. I've been thinking about trying out bangs. I mean it has been 20+ years since I had bangs. Wow. I just made myself feel really old.

So just like with anything, moving to San Antonio has brought about many changes for our family. Mainly, Stuart is now working and I am not (well, I am not working outside of the home. Being a SAHM is very much a  j-o-b and I will be the first to applaud women who do this). But the biggest change has been moving into my parent's house. While this transition has had it's ups and downs, I think we can all agree that it is great to be around family and have them here to help (and vice versa) while Stuart is adjusting to being gone so much and while we try to find a new normal.


  • Traffic. Lord have mercy the traffic is crazy here! Repeat after me: I will not drive on De Zevala between 11 am and 8 pm. Yeah, it's that bad.
  • Trying to remember what all we forgot back at our house and making do till we can get it.
  • Coming home to find that I had not locked Scout's kennel and she thus attempted to get out of the room she was locked in by burrowing thru the carpet. Ugh.
  • Not having a dumpster behind my house. I know. It's petty but gosh it was handy to get rid of smelly trash fast.
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Taco Cabana
  • The zoo
  • Friends that I have had for 20 years that have kiddos my kiddo's ages
  • Having my parents around to help (and not just with babysitting although that does rock)
  • Starting to organize some of my mom's cabinets
  • Selling my dad's car
  • Realizing that Stuart has an actual job where he's going to make actual money :)

27 October 2010


God long ago drew a circle in the sand exactly around the spot where you are standing right now. I was never not coming here. This was never not going to happen.

-Eat Pray Love

26 October 2010

Before and After

So, since I finally decided to upload the pictures that I took of the house when we went this past weekend, I thought it might be nice to update my blog and show you all a little fashion-house show! Or something like that.

Living room.
We didn't do a whole lot in here. The glass came off of the built in shelves, the carpet was removed and the hardwood floors refinished, and we added another tier to the base molding.

Dining room.
Again, not much done here. The glass was taken out of the built in corner cabinets and the fan/light combo was replaced with a chandelier.

Bedroom 3 (aka Tyson's room).
Paint. New blinds. A DOOR. New carpet.

Bedroom 2 (aka Tucker's room).
Paint. New fan. New carpet. New blinds.

Master bedroom.
Paint. New carpet.

Master closet.
Wallpaper removed. Paint. New carpet.

Master bath.
Wallpaper removed. New hardware. Paint.

Wallpaper removed. Paint. New hardware.

New counter tops.

New oven. New cabinet. New light fixtures. New outlet covers. New dishwasher. New fridge.

Hall bath (aka the reason why all this started).
Removal of everything down to studs. Yeah.
New tile surround. New vanity. New light fixtures. New shelves. New shower head/facet. Paint. New tile floor. New dropped ceiling. Instillation of vent. 

Somehow I didn't get pictures of the attic or the outside of the house (well, it was hailing outside while we were trying to leave, so that's not entirely my fault). But it's a start. You can see where we started. It's hard to believe that most of this transformation occurred during the last two weeks before we moved. Ahh! Now, positive thoughts on getting a buyer...

25 October 2010


Tucker peeing AND pooping in the potty.
Oh yeah.

21 October 2010

Right Here, Right Now

I'm currently huddled in the corner of our "new" room while my husband sleeps not-so-soundly next to me on the bed. This used to be my old bedroom when I was living here. Strange. I got to spend some time with Stuart tonight for the first time since Monday. This new job, while awesome, has him quite busy and far, far away. It was good just to be me and him (and all those folks at Academy). I kinda miss him. I know. How could I miss him when we were at each other's throats all last week? Well....we're not trying to battle home renovation and he's still the love of my life. I have learned that he desperately needs his CPAP to sleep. Oh heavens to Betsy can that man snore! I don't miss that. The boys are also very antsy to be able to spend some time with their daddy. When he came home tonight it was all Tyson could do to take a breath; he just wanted to talk to his favorite person. We're still trying to figure out what our new normal is going to be. One thing's for sure, I didn't miss this traffic. Law, it's nuts! I really hope that the boys get a spot at OH preschool. We're on the waiting list. I'm really looking forward to starting Ladies Bible Class this Tuesday. I need to start getting some input on good things to do with kiddos during the day that free/inexpensive. We need to start setting up some play dates. We need to get our house sold. Oh! We had a showing today. Our realtor said she would let us know how it went. Tucker pooped and peed in his underwear again today. I don't know if it's the move, or something else but I am about to pull my hair out with this nonsense. It's gross. And right now I don't want to have to deal with it.

20 October 2010

In the past few days

I feel like we are in a whole new world.
Not only did we move from the north to the south but we've changed the direction in which we live. Mainly, mommy stays home (again) and daddy works (quite far away and will spend the night away two nights a week at least). BUT we are so thankful for these changes!

However several things have made it on to my many, many lists:

  • Stuart forgot his CPAP in WF and thus we are headed back up there this weekend to retrieve it along with some other things.
  • I forgot to pack a black belt
  • In saving space, I didn't bring any shoes. (Thank goodness my mom and I wear the same size)
  • Tucker has peed in his underwear twice and pooped once.
  • Both boys have made it to bed at 8 pm since arriving in SA.
  • We found out that during our outing two weeks ago, we got into poison ivy. (I broke down and called my BIL/Pediatrician last night. After viewing some pictures, he declared my not paranoid.)
  • We got to eat Taco Cabana. {happy}
  • We listed our house.
  • I brought three garbage bags full of laundry from just Friday and Saturday to start.
  • I cleaned out my mom's pantry. {another happy}
  • I realized how amazing newer toilets and plumbing are.
  • I started to realized just how much stuff we have.

19 October 2010

This Could Be YOURS

Our house that is.
If you live in Wichita Falls.
Or you are planning on living there.
Maybe you would like to be a landlord?
Either way, our house is officially for sale.
And since I can't figure out how to convert this virtual tour into anything else, I give you 


18 October 2010

We are here


15 October 2010

5 Things Friday

  1. I hate home renovation.
  2. I fell off the porch.
  3. I hate home renovation.
  4. I fell down the attic stairs.
  5. I hate home renovation.
Yup, that about sums it up.

* I promise very soon I will have something more to write about than this move and blasted make-our-house-look-livable. I promise. 

14 October 2010

Half Way thru Thursday

We got new carpet installed yesterday and today.
The house smells like new car.
The bathroom is almost done.
The hallway needs primer and painting.
Tyson needs casing around his door.
The counter tops are being installed tomorrow.
The kitchen has to be cleared out for them.
The vanity in my bathroom has be re-installed.
Stuart's garage is looking a million times better.
He's going to work out there till 4 pm.
All our pictures have to be taken down.
Well, most of them.
The pantry and fridge need to be cleared out.
I have to clean the entire house.
Like on my hands and knees.
Like Cinderella.
I have to pack.
All our clothes.
I give up on the yard. 
The grass is mowed and edged.
I don't have a green thumb or desire to be.
Sorry future homeowners.
We're almost there people.
Tonight I might imbibe.

13 October 2010


Wednesday: Carpet installation
Thursday: Finish all projects inside house
Friday: Counter tops installation
Saturday: Meet with Realtor and list house
Sunday: Move to San Antonio

Somewhere in there: find my sanity

12 October 2010

Just take a look

I know that many of you are tired of reading about our home renovation woes. And believe me, I am tired of writing about them/living them. But the fact remains that this is what our life is right now and I can't get around it. Literally.

So, I decided to be the bigger man and take a video of all this.

Yes, I know that's my bra handing on the dresser and no, I really don't care.

Home Reno Craziness from Clarissa Doss on Vimeo.

11 October 2010

Nothing to do with home renovation

10 October 2010


and we have color

09 October 2010

To the love of my life

Happy Birthday!

08 October 2010


07 October 2010

Apparently I'm the last person

to have heard this song.
You're welcome.

Post Hump Day

Or I could just say Thursday.
But as I was starting to type the title, I began with "Hump Day" and after looking at the screen for a minute I realized that it was actually Thursday and not Wednesday and then I got all confused because I somehow have lost a day.
I know.
I know.
How could I loose a day?
Well, let me introduce you to my darling friends Home Improvement and Total Disaster.
They are quite charming but let me warn you, they will take over your lives.
And make you loose a day.
Just so you know.

Really, all I wanted to say was:

2 days till Stuart's 32nd birthday
7 days till we have to have the house done and on the market
8 days till we move down to San Antonio
11 days till Stuart REALLY starts work
24 days till Halloween
That's just October y'all.

06 October 2010

We told the boys

I don't think they got it.

05 October 2010

I can't hold it in any longer

We are NOT moving to West Virginia.

We just found out and Stuart starts on the 18th.

Oh my gosh, I can't stop bouncing!

Some Notes

  • In case you were wondering, Stuart has not left yet. It's ok. There have been some changes in regards to his job and so he's not leaving just yet. I promise I will let you know more about this as soon as I feel it's "ok" to tell. {giddiness about to boil over}
  • With Stuart not gone, we have more time to devout to the house. Yea...
  • Rachael wrote a great letter about Luke last night. Take a look.
  • Fall has arrived and we may have to turn out heater on. It's currently 49 degrees.
  • Tucker is STILL having issues with going poopy in the potty. Ugh.
  • I would really enjoy a key lime pie right now. Just so you know.
  • Oh, and Stuart's birthday is on Saturday.

04 October 2010

A Nice Afternoon With My Boys

03 October 2010


Friday night was my last shift at work.
I cried and cried and cried.
I'm pretty sure that all the patients that something horrendous had happened.
Or that I was high.
I wasn't crying because we are moving.
Well, maybe a little for that.
I was crying because I am going to miss those incredibly awesome co-workers of mine.
They are some of the greatest people ever.
Minus all of the foul language.
But I'm in the same boat with that too sometimes.
They had a taco party for me.
 I was so, so, so, so honored.
And I cried some more.
Then they gave me this card and everyone signed it.
I REALLY cried when I read it.
And now I get to spend some quality time with this house.
I'll probably cry some more.
Because at this point, I really don't like this house.

01 October 2010


Yesterday we finally got to head down to Dallas to meet and greet baby Joshua.
I was beside myself and the boys were just excited to play with baby Kate.
Once we got their, Kate and my sister were waiting outside for us and Kate jumped up and down with glee. It was priceless.
Joshua was an instant hit (I mean, how could he not be?) and the boys wanted to see and hold him.

Tyson getting to hold his newest cousin.

And here comes Kate.

Sweet big sister!

All four!

Alright, enough of this.

Tucker, just doing his own thing.

Tyson is such a big boy!

Look at those cheeks!

The boys.

And Tucker gets a turn.

Tucker was pleased as punch to get to hold his little cousin. He wanted to point out all his body parts.


Yesterday was perfection.
Getting to talk to my sister, listening to our children play (nicely too), hearing Kate ask for "her Tyson and her Tucker and her Stuart," watching love...it was bliss.

And now to get back to this crazy thing called home renovation.